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What is Cowboy Action Shooting?


Cowboy Action Town
A Cowboy Action Shooting Blog

The Old West may be gone, but it is far from forgotten, thanks to an ever growing group of Old West enthusiasts known as Cowboy Action Shooters. This group of modern men and women are keeping the spirit of the Old West alive across the U S and the world. Not to be confused with Old West reenacting, where actors shoot blanks, Cowboy Action Shooters use period or working replica firearms to fire real ammunition at steel targets. It's a competitive timed sport, where speed and accuracy can earn you notoriety in the shooting community. But most folks aren't in it for glory. They do it because of a real love for what was once a simpler time in American history. Ask any Cowboy Shooter why he is there, and you'll almost always get the same answer. For the comraderie, the friendships, and some good old fashioned fun. It's also a time where you can dress up in your best cowboy clothes and get to role-play, where your friends know you only by your alias name. You won't just see cowboys either. There are lawmen, gamblers, miners, drifters, well bred ladies, and soiled doves... Virtually every type of character from the Old West, and they're all packing heat.

Groups of shooters are divided into posses, and shoot scenarios called stages, based around a story or plot. Competition is made more challenging with often complex shooting patterns on targets, and time penalties are given for shots that are missed or out of order. It is a highly addictive sport, and for some, the adrenaline rush of being on the time clock is just the same after many years of shooting as it is for the novice shooter.

Cowboy Action Shooting appeals to men and women, old and young alike, and there are competition categories for people of every class, from Elder Statesman, to Buckaroo.

All monthly and sanctioned matches follow SASS rules. For an in depth look at safety rules and SASS guidelines please see the Shooter's Handbook on the SASS website. Also on the SASS website you will find information on clubs and matches in your area.

SASS Shooters Handbook

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