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Rattlesnake Gulch Shooting Competition 2011

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The modern history of the Rattlesnake Gulch Rangers


The Rattlesnake Gulch Rangers was founded by Iver Johnson aka Alphonse 'Gold Hat' Bedoya, in June 1996.  The range is located in the gulch at the base of Rattlesnake Mountain in Benton County, Washington, hence the name.  Iver Johnson has been the Mayor ever since and currently is the Vice-President of the club.   

In the beginning, Iver Johnson was solely responsible for all aspects of running the range.  Over the years the club has grown and is now the host club for the SASS Northwest Regional  Championship held on the last weekend of September each year,  and the SASS Washington State Black Powder Shoot Out held  generally on the second weekend of April each year (Easter permitting).  Presently Iver is responsible for building and or maintaining most of the props we have accumulated over the years.   He  helps  govern the annual matches.

The current President and/or Sheriff of Rattlesnake Gulch is Payden Gold.   He is the current board representative with Tri-Cities Shooting Association and is responsible for Facilities Management for the Cowboy Action Club.  In addition, he helps govern annual matches.  

The current Secretary/Treasurer or Banker for Rattlesnake Gulch is Ricochet Robbie.  Robbie is responsible for  all administrative matters for the club and helps govern the annual matches.  She is the acting Assistant Match Director for the SASS Northwest Regional and the SASS Washington State Black Powder Shootout.

The current Territorial Governor and Range Master is Crisco.  Crisco is currently the Match Director for the annual matches and acts as the club Liaison with the Single Action Shooting Society.  

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