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The Story of Evil Roy

SASS Hall of Fame Inductee 2006

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Evil Roy and Wicked Falina along with their Grand-daughter Holy Terror came together in 2000 to help promote Cowboy Action Shooting and to pass on their tips and tricks to becoming a World Championship winner.

With a great location (Durango, CO) and some good 'ol fashion know-how, Evil Roy Shooting School has become the premier Cowboy Action School in the World.

Gene Pearcey aka Evil Roy has a tried and true approach to shooting and shooting sports. A believer in the "Keep it Simple" line of thought has helped him break down and teach the mechanics of competition shooting allowing the most novice of shooters to become confident in firearm fundamentals.

Whether you want to be the next World Champion or just secure in the thought of how to correctly handle a firearm Evil Roy Shooting School has you covered!