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What Gun Accessories Do You Need?

By Jason Hanson
USA Carry

(...) Rifles are probably where the majority of people get out of control with all of the add-ons.

I saw an Internet posting once where one fellow said "You can go broke adding one $10 accessory at a time to your .22 rifle." He's right. On my Ruger 10/22 I have a sling and I installed better sights, but that's it.

As far as an AR-15, I recommend a sling, light and iron sights at the very least. Yes, you can spend a small fortune on optics, but for defensive purposes with the AR-15, the iron sights are all you need.

In fact, the most important thing with the AR-15 or any gun for that matter is that

you know how to properly operate it without all of the add-ons. If you don't know the fundamentals, the accessories are pointless.

And if you need one more reason not to go crazy with accessories, consider this: When you read the instructions that say "easily installs" you may spend hours putting it on and you'll never want to accessorize again.

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