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Glock vs. M&P vs. XD

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Gun Review: Springfield XD-9

by Bryan Hyde
The Truth About Guns

The Glock is a legendary gun. And rightly so. Its simplicity, reliability, corrosion resistance, magazine capacity and accuracy have assured its place in the Firearms Hall of Fame. Personally, I’m not a Glock guy. Despite my best efforts to let the Austrian pistol woo me with its minimalism, I’ve never felt that “love connection.” Every time I hold a Glock, the ergonomics put me off. It’s too big, it’s too small; the trigger’s too far, too weird . . . it just doesn’t feel right. By extension, I developed an aversion to all polymer pistols. Until the day a friend introduced me to a little Croatian sweetheart known as the HS2000; marketed to U.S. shooters as the Springfield Armory X-treme Duty 9x19mm or XD-9.

At first glance, the Springfield XD-9 bears a strong resemblance to its Austrian counterpart [Glock on top]. The Springfield is another polymer-framed, striker-fired, short recoil operated pistol with a trigger-mounted safety and a rail to facilitate the mounting of tactical doodads. Closer examination reveals that the XD-9 has taken the design to infinity—and back.


The XD-9 incorporates a grip safety, a steel recoil spring guide and (for us southpaws) ambidextrous magazine release controls. Unlike the Glock, the XD includes a loaded chamber indicator and a cocking indicator; the operator can ascertain the weapon’s readiness either visually or by feel.

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