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The ultimate Makarov pistol shootout

A showcase of Makarov variants


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A note from Iraqveteran8888


I think this video should give you all a pretty good idea of a few of the most common Makarov variants and how they shoot. No matter what you choose, these guns are hard to beat for the money. I remember when you could pick these up for around $139. Those were the days. These days, you can still find a decent PA-63 for around $200. Most Makarov PMs commercial export or military will bring a minimum of $250 all day long. CZ82s are still relatively common and can be had for around $300. Polish P-64 pistols are still pretty common and can be had for around $200. I did not have the P-64 available to include in this video. This is not all the Makarov variants out there, but definitely the most commonly encountered. Whatever you choose, it'll be a winner.

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