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Triggers: Glock vs. M&P vs. XD (pt. 2)

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Smith & Wessonís New M&P .40 S&W Pistol

by Jeff Quinn

I first heard of the new Smith & Wesson M&P (Military & Police) a few months ago, and have been waiting somewhat patiently ever since for the guns to go into production. I first fired one at the writerís gathering the day before the 2006 SHOT Show back in February, and was impressed by the weapon. About a week later, I received a production gun chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge, which is the test piece reviewed here.

The new S&W pistol differs from their earlier efforts in several ways.  While their Sigma and SW99 pistols were good guns, the M&P is better in every way. Smith & Wesson  apparently looked at every part of their other polymer pistols, and also those of their competition, and sought to improve each feature. Little details make a big difference when comparing pistols. S&W went to great effort to assure that their new M&P pistol actually fitís the human hand.  Someone in Springfield, Massachusetts also recognizes that the human hand is not a one-size-fits-all- proposition. While sales to individual shooters will always be a big part of the pistol market, it is readily apparent by just the name of the new Military & Police pistol that S&W intends to take a larger share of the law enforcement market with this new weapon. They realize that law enforcement officers come in all shapes and sizes, with usually proportional hand sizes as well. The M&P was made to fit the hand. It is a good thing that most pistol manufacturers do not make boots, or we would all be forced to cram our feet  into a size 10D, and make do the best we can.  The M&P grip is easily adjustable to fit different sized hands. What a concept! Smith & Wesson  first introduced this idea with their SW99 pistols, but have perfected it with the M&P. The pistol comes with three different size grip backstraps, which not only alter the  size of the grip from front to back, but provide different sized palm swells as well. One can also shoot the M&P with no backstrap installed, effectively giving a choice of four different grip sizes in all. I shot the M&P without a backstrap installed, and it did just fine.  However, I find the "medium" sized one to feel best in my hand.  You may prefer the small or large. The pistol comes with all three.

Another nice feature of the M&P is the takedown system...

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