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Convert Bulk .22 into Match Grade


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Shootin' Straighter

 A rim thickness gauge can determine which rounds are so far out of the average specs of that box/lot that it virtually eliminates flyers caused by rounds of differing rim thickness. Rim thickness also affects how deeply the cartridge sits in the chamber before fireing. That differince makes the bullet engage the lands and grooves at different times giving you to great a variance in lock time/return to battery and even affects head space. This simple tool and a little time can convert a brick of off the shelf bulk fodder into near target grade ammo. To go one step further a gram scale can be used to first seperate bullets into seperate wieght categories and then rim thicknesses. That kind of dedication would only be needed for serious competition type ammo. The simple act of catagorising the ammo according to rim thickness is enough to make informal competition, and even longer range target shooting alot more fun by eliminating the potential group destroying flyers. I are a badd spelar. Pleeze four giv mi.

Thanks bctruck on youtube.


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