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A message to gun enthusiasts young and old


"Teach Your Kids to Shoot!"

by Nutnfancy


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Word to the wise.


Children and guns actually go together quite well contrary to many politically correct and uneducated viewpoints. It's only the misguided and liberal media that have brainwashed the public otherwise and by doing so they promote future accidents and gun crimes. If children have a good moral foundation, whatever you choose that to be, and are taught properly in gun handling, they will be safe and trustworthy gun handlers. The worst thing a family choosing to own guns can do is to teach that the guns are taboo for the children. Instead, teach them they are a normal part of your life just like your automobile. And just like that mechanical device, they too need respect in their proper use. Do not teach them to fear guns, instead show them how to master the device and become proficient in their use. If you patiently teach, demonstrate, and instill safe gun handling for your children and you will be amazed at their capabilities. And use lots of repetitions in this instruction. Children trained as such are truly inoculated against careless gun handling born out of untrained curiosity and I highly doubt they would ever commit ANY kind of gun crime. Having trigger time themselves, they are well aware of the potential dangers of guns and safe handling that they require. Some ignorant critics will say training your child to shoot will encourage them to be violent. This is more brainwashed and idiotic logic in action. Having your child proficient and safe in gun handling will no more make him or her a Columbine shooter than having your 16 or 17 yr old licensed driver want to run people down on the sidewalk with an your even more deadly automobile. It's about parenting not guns and your efforts will instill goodness and responsibility in your children, Indeed YOUR CAREFUL TRAINING is your best insurance policy against gun accidents with your kids. Teach them often and teach them well. Side benefits will be increased self-confidence for the child and great family memories. Guns and kids? You bet!

NOTE: My video "Teach Your Kids to Shoot!" was used by MSNBC in relation to an accidental death of an eight year old boy in MA shooting a "Uzi" at a gun range. The kid allowed the gun to recoil into his his head while still pulling the trigger (from initial reports). The piece generally portrayed guns and kids as having no business together. MSNBC used clips from this video but failed to show the instruction of safety, my safety admonitions and philosophy, and the overall responsibility of my video. MSNBC also seems to advocate establishing laws forbidding children of young ages EVER shooting a gun and saying that "father watched as the child shot himself." That insinuates the father just casually watched his child die. That is a horrible assertion. It serves to trivialize the effect of PROPER safe gun handling instruction and reinforces the foolish misconceptions that guns are evil, dangerous to their users, and uncontrollable in use. Bad job on all that MSNBC! They did however note that that supervised family shooting outings can be a wholesome tradition, showing a clip from my video here. It was a tragic event in MA and I extend my sincere condolences. However it is almost certain that 8 yr old boy was never trained adequately on how to shoot, especially a gun of that sort. Any child can safety handle most guns if trained responsibly and CORRECTLY under your supervision. Train your kids on single shot .22s, then semi-auto .22s, all with safe gun handling instilled, before ever allowing them to shoot such a gun... even supervised. To do otherwise is just irresponsible parenting.


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