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The Vietnam battle scene in "Forrest Gump"

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Forrest Gump


M72 LAW rocket launcher

M72 LAW rocket launchers are seen on several soldiers rucksacks, including Forrest Gump's (Tom Hanks), though none of them are ever used.

M72 LAWs are seen on Forrest's and other soldier's rucksacks.



Forrest is handed an M1911A1 by Lt. Dan for "Tunnel Rat" duty.


M16s and XM16E1 rifles

U.S. Soldiers, including Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) in Vietnam are seen armed with M16 rifles, which due to continuity error change from slab-side M16s to XM16E1 rifles, which feature forward assists. Both rifles feature three-prong flash-hiders, so it is difficult to tell them apart from the left side of the rifle.

Forrest and other soldiers wade through a swamp armed with both M16 and XM16E1 rifles.


M79 Grenade Launcher

A soldier near the back of the line armed with an M79 grenade launcher.

M60 machine gun

An M60 team fires the machine gun at attacking NVA that quickly jams.

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