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Trijicon HD Night Sights

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10 Steps: Installing Night Sights in your Pistol

Posted by FerFAL
The Modern Survivalist

Sights are the only part worth replacing in a standard Glock pistol. Fumbling with other parts isnít just unnecessary, it often leads to malfunctions. You know what they say about fixing that which is not broken. Also, sights are the weak point in the Glock due to being made of plastic and relatively fragile. During torture tests where Glocks are put through hell, the part that often breaks and does so before all others are the sights. Throw a Glock form a plane or car driving at 80 mph? No problem, but the front sight is likely to pop off.

To make it indeed perfect you need steel sights, and the tritium inserts are a nice addition too. Donít go for sloped snag-free rear sights, go for square ones. Itís quite important for the rear sight to snag on your belt or clothing during single handed reloading and failure resolution drills.

This is one of those things people often ask someone else to do but if you can get around to do it yourself thatís much better. It often happens that dovetails get chipped or bent, tritium tubes break during installation. This has little to do with the quality of reputable products and everything to do with sights getting forced, sometimes hammered into place by gunshop employees with little patience and even less experience. Better to take the time and do it yourself...

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