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PTR Industries - building clones
better than the original


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PTR Industries—If HK Won’t, PTR Will

by Mike

So you’ve always wanted a pre-ban, mint condition HK91 but don’t want to drop $2,500 on a collector piece? What if you could buy one for half as much, brand new, and made right here in the U.S.A.? What if the new one was actually better than the HK? You read that right. I said better.

PTR started making G3 “clones” 10 years ago, when they were called JLD Enterprises. JLD got their hands on genuine Heckler & Koch GmbH blueprints and tooling. This tooling and the correct specifications to use it makes all the difference, and it’s very hard to come by. I don’t know how JLD convinced Fabrica Militar to ship it all across the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal, but they pulled it off. Taking advantage of the great supply of surplus G3 parts floating around at the time, JLD began building G3 receivers to HK specifications on HK machinery, and fitting them to factory HK parts they could find. There were a few companies building G3 “clones” with a smattering of HK parts at that time, but only one that had real HK tooling for their U.S. made parts.

Soon, new condition surplus HK parts began to run dry and the other companies making G3 clones went out of business. HK stopped production of G3 rifles in 1997, so there was no chance of getting spare parts straight from the source. JLD endured, making more and more HK-spec parts here in the U.S. using the tooling brought from Portugal. At some point, a lightbulb went off and the Precision Target Rifle-91 was born. Why just make clones of a 1950s-technology rifle, when they had the power to bring the G3 into the 21st century with all the precision of modern CNC machinery? JLD changed their company name to PTR-91, Inc. and started making rifles that not only met original G3 specifications, but actually exceeded them. PTR became “The American Evolution of the Roller Lock Weapons System.”

The company is now capable of producing these rifles with every part, every pin and every spring made entirely here in the U.S. CNC machining makes it possible  to build rifles to a higher standard than the original G3 specifications. For example, PTR-91s must meet stricter specifications than the original HK guns in critical areas such as bolt gap. Bolt gap is how headspace is measured on this recoil-operated, roller-delayed blowback design, and is critical for reliability and accuracy. PTR-91s use a match grade bull barrel that measures 0.7 inches under the handguards and features standard type, 1/12 twist micro grooved rifling. PTR profiles and chambers these barrels from blanks made by Green Mountain and Thompson Center. PTR-91s are chambered for .308 but will also shoot 7.62×51 NATO. These rifles have built a reputation for accuracy, especially the top of the line PTR MSG-91 which is loosely based on the old HK MSG 90 configuration. This variant has a low profile Picatinny mount welded to the receiver, an adjustable Magpul PRS stock, and fluted barrel. When fired using match grade ammo, this rifle is capable of sub-MOA accuracy, shot after shot. A new version, the Super Sniper MSG91, is...

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