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Adcor Defense 5.56 x 45mm Semi-Auto B.E.A.R.
(Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle)

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Adcor Defense launches the B.E.A.R.  Elite
-second generation of its modern automatic rifle line-

(June 27, 2011) Baltimore, Md. Continuing its line expansion of a new and truly innovative modern automatic rifle in the M16/M4 tradition known as the B.E.A.R.  (Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle), Adcor Defense announces its B.E.A.R.  Elite series.

The original B.E.A.R.  (Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle) - designed by and named for Michael J. Brown, executive vice president of operations at Adcor Defense - has a revolutionary and patented free floating gas piston system attached to the rail to allow for a free floating barrel; a key locked, highly rigid rail system; an ambidextrous, forward placed charging handle; and a polymer dust shield that protects the port from debris, dust, or sand. All components are made in the U.S.A.

The B.E.A.R.  Elite offers several key enhancements to the original B.E.A.R.  

It features:

• FN Manufacturing 1:7 twist, hammer-forged, hard chrome-lined barrel with M249 rifling profile for long life and exceptional accuracy

• Magpul MOE™ rifle stock (MIL SPEC)

• Magpul MOE™ ergonomic rifle grip with aggressive texturing

• Available in 10.5”, 12.5”, 14.5”, 16.1” and 18” barrel lengths

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