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Beginning Shooter's Guide: Shooting Rifles

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Main Match Guns: Rifles


Cowboy Action Town

Most shooters tend to be more accurate when shooting the rifle, therefore rifles can be the great time maker. You'll see some shooters fire them so fast that it looks like they threw all nine or ten empty shells in the air at once.

Price Range - Low

Marlin - Let's talk about the Marlin. Most shooters start out with this rifle. There are a lot of positives to using a Marlin for competition shooting. It's tougher than a Winchester 66 or 73. The Marlin ejects the round out the side and you can do a reload in the ejection port just like a 97 shotgun. With some minor modification you can easily smooth this rifle up. Rumor has it that it's also possible to install a short stroke on the lever, though don't quote me on that! On the negative side these guns tend to have what is commonly known as "the Marlin jam" (when ammo jams in the carrier). It does make a great choice for shooting the B Western category (B Western category requires that you shoot a 92 or newer rifle) since the Winchester 92 and 94, in my opinion, are best left in the back of the safe where I leave mine.

Winchester 92 & 94 - While I leave my Winchester 92 & 94s in the back of my safe they do make a good rifle for shooting Wild Bunch or the B-Western category. Let's face it, you didn't see Ben Johnson shooting a 73 in the movie "The Wild Bunch"! The 92 can be reworked and slicked up, however the 92 and 94 like to spit out live rounds form the carrier (so if you use these rifles make sure you carry reloads!). Truthfully, unless you really like the way they look it's best to steer clear of these rifles for competition shooting.

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