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A Complete Beginner's Guide
to Handloading for your Rifle

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Save Money with the DIY Ethic?


If you want to shoot more volume AND save money, the whole process of reloading requires you acquire precise tools -- and may not save you money to begin with if you're just shooting more. Most people that reload rifle cartridges want the best accuracy. As time is money, that's just a hard bargain at this point.

Skip to points if you don't want to sit through the whole thing:

Intro: 0.00
Reloading Presses: 0:58
What happens when a cartridge is fired: 1:25
Why Handload?: 2:35
Reloading Dies: 4:51
Lubricating Cases: 10:12
A few basic case prep tools: 11:35
Calipers and Scales: 13:49
Powder Measures: 15:00
The components of a Cartridge: 16:22
Case tumbling: 17:01
Quality Control of brass: 18:39
Installing your shellholder and Resizing die: 19:41
Sizing Cases: 20:52
Trimming Cases: 23:06
Checking for fit in the rifle: 29:19
Priming: 29:36
Throwing Powder: 32:35
Setting up your seating die: 37:25
Seating bullets: 39:00
How to set your seating die to copy a round you already have: 43:11

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