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What is the most effective .22 LR round?

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Ammo Roundup: .22 Long Rifle

By Chuck Hawks

There are several ways to organize any "roundup" of rimfire ammunition. It could, for example, be listed by manufacturer. Organizing the various .22 LR loads by manufacturer has one salient advantage: not all brands are available in all areas, particularly rural areas, so the reader can skip to the brands he or she can actually purchase.

The most difficult way to present the information, unfortunately, strikes me as one of the most useful. That is, to list the various .22 LR loads by the purpose for which they are most useful. So I am going to try to do both. I will list each brand, and then in sub headings the purposes for which the various loads are best suited. Some ammo makers make specific suggestions regarding the application of their various .22 LR loads, and in most cases I have tried to honor those suggestions.

.22 LR ammunition for rifles and handguns is made for a number of different purposes. It is also sometimes used for a variety of purposes for which it is not intended, but I am going to ignore that. Among the most common legitimate purposes are varmint hunting, small game hunting, plinking, target shooting (competition), and self-defense. Those are the purposes I will address in this ammunition survey.

Varmint hunting...

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