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Wildey Firearms .475 Magnum Pistol

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"Wildey's Here!"


The Patented Wildey Gas Operating System

The Wildey Pistol features a patented gas operating system.  Six small holes in the barrel tap off gasses to power an air-hydraulic piston which pushes the slide rearward, ejecting the spent cartridge, and operate the rotary bolt.  A gas regulator (see photo above) is located on the barrel just in front of the piston. The regulator can be adjusted to regulate the flow of gas allowing the pistol to shoot everything from heavy hunting loads to light target loads.  This patented gas operated system greatly reduces the felt recoil.  And the gas regulator is easy to adjust.

The .475 Wildey Magnum Cartridge

The Wildey pistol was introduced chambered in .45 Winchester Magnum.  This powerful 45 is basically a .45 ACP lengthened .300".  Both cases are the same .476" diameter.  To build an autoloading pistol that would fire bigger bullets a new case was needed.  The 30-06 case was no help.  True the .44 Auto Mag pistol was based on this case but case diameter is .470".  The .284 Winchester case caught Wil Moore's eye.  The .284 is a rebated rimless case.  The rim diameter is the same as the 30-06, .473" but the body of the case is wider with a max diameter of .500".   Perfect!  Wil cut down the .284 case to the maximum length of the .45 Winchester.  After inside neck sizing the case took a .475 diameter bullet.

Ballistic testing would prove Wildey J. Moore had developed the most powerful pistol cartridge.  Best of all his Wildey Pistol design was rugged enough to shoot this cartridge and the patented gas system would help the average shooter deal with recoil.  

Today if you really cared to, you could convert .284 brass to .475 Wildey Magnum but the availability of commercial brass allows you to spend time on more enjoyable things like shooting this powerful cartridge, the .475 Wildey Magnum.  

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