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Beginning Shooter's Guide: Shooting Pistols

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Main Match Guns: Pistols


Cowboy Action Town

Price Range - Low
So lets start with pistols. I'll be going over a few different guns to give you a head start in your research. If you are on a budget Uberti offers an inexpensive pistol in the Cattleman. On the positive side it is very affordable for Cowboy Action Shooting. On the negative side parts may break if you are an active shooter. I personally went through three pairs of Cattleman when I first started.



Price Range - Medium
You can get some of the best Cowboy Action Shooting pistols at a mid range price level. They are tough and can handle a lot of use. The average Cowboy Action shooter will fire their guns more in two years than a non CAS shooter will in a lifetime.

Vaqueros - Ranger Vaqueros are the toughest and will last you a long time. The old model Vaquero is super tough. It's also easy to slick up with an action job. It is, however, bigger and heavier than the new Vaquero. New Vaqueros are smaller and lighter and also super easy to slick up, so it doesn't have to be as hard working the action as it would be straight out of the box. You can mod further by putting the new lower profile hammer on them. Ruger also has the SASS New Model Vaquero that already comes with the low profile hammer.


Colt Clones - Another great mid range pistol is the Great Western II. It's just like buying a Colt but at half the price. United States Fire Arms (USFA) Rodeos are really nice too and handle like a Colt.

American Western Arms (AWA) has really good mid-range priced pistols. If you keep your eyes peeled you can find an AWA Colt clone called a Peacekeeper that is so similar to the original that Colt sued them! Most people will look at these guns in your hands and be convinced that you are shooting a Colt. The only difference is in the embossment on the grip (the horse isn't rearing). AWA has other great pistols made after these as well...

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