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Popular Hat Styles of the Old West

by Purgatory Smith
Cowboy Action Town

There was no single "cowboy" hat that defined the 19th century American West. Hat styles were vast and varied, usually the remnants of former professions as groups of people moved westward. With each and every style of hat came many more variations and made from many different materials - from beaver felt to wool to silk to straw. Hat styles evolved out of necessity, and shapes of individual hats changed through longtime wear and personal handling.

Here are just a few hat styles that were commonly seen in the Old West:

Derby Hat (Bowler Hat)

The derby hat was the most popular hat of the American West amongst the working class. The hardened felt and rounded crown protected the head of the wearer from hard knocks and stayed put in a strong wind.

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Montana Peak Hat (Campaign Hat)

Montana Peak hats are similar in style to the sombrero, with a high, dented crown. These hats are often associated with the military of the 19th century. Although not military issue at the time, troops preferred to wear more practical civilian hats rather than shako or kepi hats. The pinched "Montana peak" was a result of modifications to keep rain water from collecting in the top crease of the hat.

[Find Montana Peak style hats from River Junction Trade Company]

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