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"I'm here for the fighting"
at the Badlands Bar 3


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History of the Bar 3 Range


Badlands Bar 3 is a SASS associated Cowboy Action Shooting Range located in the community of English, Texas. The range is poised on a scenic, working ranch and setup specifically for Cowboy Action Shooting.

Never heard of Cowboy Action Shooting?

It's the fastest growing shooting sport in the US with associations all over the country and the world. Visit the Single Action Shooters Society's web page for more information.

T-Bone Dooley (aka Bill Froelich) is the fearless leader of the Badlands Bar 3 Range and the international Dooley Gang.  T-Bone became a SASS Regulator in 2006, in appreciation for all his hard work and dedication to the range and to SASS.  He has been tireless in his quest for a range that every shooter will want to call home.  T-Bone can't do this alone and he appreciates each and every hour, scrap of material, and drop of sweat given by our outstanding ranch hands.  

The Badlands Bar 3 shooting range opened in November of 2001 and we've been having a great time bringing the old west to life one weekend every month.

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