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Logans Ferry Regulators

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The history of the Logans Ferry Regulators


No one person knows the exact origin of cowboy action shooting at Logans Ferry but the general consensus is 13+ years making it one of the oldest in western Pennsylvania.

In the last 7 years the Logans Ferry Regulators have made numerous improvements to enhance safety, fun and provide challenging matches.

Thanks to the Logans Ferry Sportsman's Club, and the hard work of a number of fellow Cowpokes:

* We have significantly increased the number of Targets, and the size of those Targets. We will not have Rifle/Pistol Targets smaller than 16" x 16." Our newest Rifle Targets are 24" x 24."

* We have redesigned, and made all new Target Stands in various heights. The new Target Stands are safer, reliable, and shooter friendly. 

* We have scores shortly after the match, and those scores are posted on the web within minutes to a few hours.

* We have made more Props. Horses, Outhouse, Fences. etc..

* We have renovated the John Wayne Range, which includes a corral area as a Firing Point.

* We are a SASS affiliated club, and abide by SASS Guidelines.

* According to the majority of our Shooters, we have created Monthly Matches that are fun yet challenging.

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