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The 40mm Machine Gun

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Who the heck is this guy?


"FPSRussia" (Real name Kyle Lamar Myers) is an American internet personality known for his Youtube videos in which he plays a Russian named "Dmitri". As of January 2012, he has the 14th most subscribed YouTube channel. As of September 17, 2011, he has more than 250 million views on his videos.

Kyle created his first YouTube channel "klm5986" on the 18th of May 2006 and uploaded his first video which was of the video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the 3rd of July 2009. He started his "FPSRussia" channel on the 19th of April 2010. He became known for "using real weapons to debunk video game myths" and often showed viewers what weapons featured in video games, particularly Call of Duty, were actually like to use and how they differed from the way they are presented in video games. He has stated that he got his idea for "FPSRussia" from his Russian boss - when he worked as a car salesman.

At first Kyle was able to produce his videos without much investment, since he already had a large collection of firearms, and a large amount of ammunition. Now he is able to use more interesting and expensive firearms in his videos, since they are loaned to him by vendors, and in exchange, Kyle links their websites in the description of his videos. Because of these factors, Kyle is viewed as very rich by his friends and is often called "FPS McDuck" as a joke related to the character Scrooge McDuck from Duck Tales.

Kyle also appears in the weekly and long-standing podcast Painkiller Already, which has gone for over 70 episodes alongside other popular YouTube gamers, WoodysGamertag and WingsofRedemption, in which he frequently prank called people found on Craigslist selling obscure items or to businesses such as Walmart and Microsoft.

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