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What'cha shootin' there Tom Selleck?
"Quigley Down Under"

What is Quigley's new boss waving around?
Scroll down for the answer


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Quigley Down Under


Shiloh Sharps 1874 Long Range Rifle


Matthew Quigley (Tom Selleck) uses a Shiloh Sharps 1874 Long Range rifle with a 34" barrel (4"s longer than a standard 30" barrel) converted to fire a .45-110 metallic cartridge with a 540 grain paper-patch bullet. It has double set triggers, and is fitted with a ladder-elevated Vernier peep sight and a Globe front sight. He is an incredible sharpshooter with this rifle and often makes use of the double set triggers for more accurate shots. Sometimes he shoots from so far away, the report of the rifle is heard 2-3 seconds after the impact of the bullet (Even though sound catches up with supersonic rounds after 300-400 yards). Several times in the film the gun is shown capable of sending people airborne (some even completely flipped in mid-air!), as movie rules states a big gun must send bad guys flying.


Colt 1860 Army

Elliot Marston (Alan Rickman) uses a Colt 1860 Army .44 caliber as his personal sidearm. He refers to it as the Army revolver and has much respect for its maker, Colonel Samuel Colt.




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