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Mongo's Machine Gun Shoot

Scarier than the 'Blazing Saddles' Henchman


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The Who's lead guitarist, Pete Townshend, once opined in an interview that Keith Moon, the '70s rock band's drummer, with one foot alone could pound with the speed of a machine gun. Perhaps that's why these gunners chose to back their machinegun shootout festival to The Who's stark rock sound. Watch as they together, with a plethora of automatic weapons, render a car into a burning heap of scrap!

Here what they were working with:
0:18 - Minigun
0:32 - Russian PKM
0:57 - Stoner 63A Commando configuration
1:25 - AKM with 75 round drum
1:29 - FN FNC, Belgium assault rifle
1:39 - Tippman Miniature Browning M1919A4
1:53 - Swedish K m/45
2:08 - Argentine Brass Maxim
2:15 - M2 Carbine
2:17 - Normal Browning M1919A4
2:25 - Micro Uzi

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