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High speed video of pistols underwater

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Yay Ruger!


Come on, we've all wondered this. There's been dozens of videos and discussions on the internet about it, but what actually happens?

Talk is cheap, and several before/after experiments have been performed, but they all have one flaw. It's extremely difficult to visualize what is going on with the flow-fields of the weapon blasts.

We planned and assembled several different assets including a high speed camera over a few months and then ran a test designed specifically to allow the viewer to observe the gas dynamics in great detail!

Needless to say, this was a blast. Well, two blasts if you want to be technical about it (and we usually do).

I performed an experiment to see what the differences were between semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. The advantage of shooting under water is that you can see the boundary of the gas flow fields almost perfectly.

-Smarter Every Day (youtube.com)

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