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Gun Fun TV

Guns are not toys, but if you're smart and safe, you can have a lot fun with them!
A message to gun enthusiasts young and old


Lewiston Pistol Club's 'Boomer Shoot'

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Guide to Joe Speak

Criminal Occupational Safety Act:
A gun ban or restriction that makes it difficult or impossible for private citizens to defend themselves from violent criminal attacks..

Doctor Joe's Cure for Everything:
More sex.  Not just 'sex', but MORE sex.  As a preventative you should be getting frequent treatments already.

Gun Fearing Wussy (GFW):

Someone, or sometimes an organization, that has an irrational fear of firearms.  This is, almost for certain, a phrase coined by Kim du Toit.

Red Curtain of Blood (RCOB):
Extreme anger where your vision is impaired by appears to be a red curtain.  This is, almost for certain, a phrase coined by Kim du Toit.

Someone that is afraid someone, somewhere is having fun.

The Blank Stare (TBS):
The look of "the deer in the headlights." Typically the mouth opens, facial expression goes slack, the eyes blink once, get slightly wider and remain open. Frequent the remainder of their body is rigid and appears to be frozen and unable to move.

This condition appears to be brought on by profound confusion as the victim attempts to process some unexpected data. In computer terms they are processing an unhandled exception.

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