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The car chase in "Bullit"

What shotgun did the bad guy shoot at McQueen?
Scroll down for the answer


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Winchester Model 1897


The two hitmen shoot at Bullitt from the Charger during the famous car chase with a Winchester Model 1897. The Model 1897 was designed by John Browning and had an exposed hammer like a lever action rifle. The version used by the blonde-haired hitman is what is known as a “takedown” model. It appears the hitman’s model has had the barrel cut down to at least 18". The left side of the receiver is marked "U.S.". The shotgun appears to be a 12 gauge as red shells are loaded, but there is no way to make certain of its actual gauge.

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Here's what a Model 1897 looks like when being aimed at you from the back of a moving Dodge Charger.

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Note: Don't do this, only bad guys shoot at Steve McQueen and it ALWAYS ends badly.

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