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Co-witness and back-up sights

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How and Why to Co-Witness your Sights

by Nick Leghorn
The Truth About Guns

Holographic or red dot sights are fantastic for quickly putting rounds on target. They’re nearly idiot proof aiming devices that work great especially in competition or LEO/Mil applications, or even just for shooting stuff at the range. The problem is that red dots have the ability to fail, and they usually do at the most inconvenient moments. Like, the middle of a firefight.

The solution is to mount a set of iron sights on your gun in addition to the red dot. Iron sights don’t run out of batteries and are a lot harder to damage, so chances are if the gun is still functional the iron sights will work. Especially with the more modern “flip-up” style iron sights, it’s very easy to mount a set of these puppies, zero them and then ignore them until you need them.

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