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Ted Nugent and the C93 (HK93 clone)

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Worldwide military battle carbine thatís just a bit out of the ordinary!



Century International Arms has recently brought American shooters a hard-to-find classic. Its 5.56x45mm C93 rifle is the firm's U.S. made semi-auto version of the Heckler & Koch 33 rifle, complete with military 40-round magazine.

HK made a semi-auto version of the HK33 for import to the U.S. known as the HK93, which was supplied with now very hard-to-find 25-round magazines. A shortened, select-fire version, the HK53, was equipped with a collapsible stock and sold to U.S. law enforcement agencies.

However, quality doesn't come cheap, plus U.S. laws have added scarcity to the mix, resulting in original HK rifles being priced out of the range of many shooters. Although non-sporting arms cannot be imported, they can be "made in the USA". This is where Century comes in to save the day.

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