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How to inspect a used revolver for purchase

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How To Buy A Used Revolver


So you want to buy a used revolver and don't know what to look for. Here are a few things you need to look for before you decide to buy. Knowledge is your friend and will save you money on your purchase.
First, you need to look at the overall appearance and if it looks solid we will go from there. The finish is a matter of personal preference and has no bearing on the function of the revolver. If it has a lot of surface pitting or has obvious signs of neglect, pass on it.

Check the action for proper function. To do this you must dry fire it. Most dealers don't like customers to dry fire their guns. dry firing a revolver will not harm it in any way and is a great way to practice trigger control and sight alignment. If the dealer won't let you dry fire it, pass and go somewhere else.
You want to dry fire it double action and single action on all 6 chambers. There should be no hang-ups or binding in the action at all.

Next, check the cylinder yolk alignment and lock-up. Close the cylinder, then push on the...

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