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Lehigh Defense Maximum Expansion Bullets

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Maximum Expansion (ME) Bullets


from the Lehigh Defense website

Look at the picture; look at it again. Yeah, that is going to leave a mark! The keystone of our personal defense ammunition is our ME Product Line. Years of development went into this solid copper expanding bullet. Our goal was to start with a fresh sheet of paper (ok, it was a computer, but you get the idea) and redefine what a civilian personal defense pistol bullet should be. We think it is a goal we have exceeded.

From the initial impact shock of the cavernous hollow point, through the energy transfer of the petal deployment, to the tissue destruction of the razor sharp petals, we have developed this ammunition with one goal eliminate the threat with the least possible risk of a pass through. Just having them in your sidearm will make you feel all warm and fuzzy; we guarantee it.

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