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Gun Fun TV

Guns are not toys, but if you're smart and safe, you can have a lot fun with them!
A message to gun enthusiasts young and old


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12 gauge birdshot ballistic gel test (8:05)

12 Gauge Dragon's Breath at night (5:11)

5.56 NATO/M855/SS109 Poking holes in steel (2:21)

Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf (2:15)

Bad News AR .338 Lapua (3:15)

Ballistics gel testing with wax slugs, hot glue slugs, and brad nailers (5:50)

Cut shells and waxers from a pump shotgun: Does it work? (6:57)

Exotic shotgun ammunition (5:23)

Explosive Ammo from a Full-auto Glock 17 (2:45)

Extreme Shock .45 ACP Air Freedom Round (13:36)

Firearms Facts Episode 1: (4:38)

Firearms Facts Episode 3: 7.62x54r Cartridge Showcase (5:30)

FN Five-seveN versus an old 1950's truck door (1:11)

Full Metal Jacket vs. Hollow Point (9:08)

Home Defense Shotgun Ammunition (12:01)

Hornady Zombie Max .45 ACP - ballistics test (2:29)

How to make your own "Hot Glue Slugs" (5:20)

How to make your own wax slugs (8:57)

Introducing Zombie Max from Hornady (1:54)

Lehigh Defense Maximum Expansion Bullets (2:10)

Lightin' it up with .22 tracers (1:13)

Lost Arts pt. 1 - Cut Shells (3:53)

Lost Arts pt. 2 - Improvised shotgun slugs (4:23)

Lost Arts pt. 3 - Wax slugs (3:03)

Making a stabilized wax slug (2:57)

New 'multiple-impact' bullet technology (6:01)

Pass the Ammunition (44:53)

Shotgun specialty ammo (5:18)

The AAC Honey Badger (3:46)

The Barrett Model 99 & .416 Barrett (2:51)

The POWER of homemade wax slugs (4:05)

UMP45 w/ frangible, tracer, and incendiary ammunition (4:13)

Wax shotshells and science (4:12)

Wildey Firearms .475 Magnum Pistol (7:27)

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