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Lightin' it up with .22 tracers

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.22 LR 40 grain Piney Mountain tracers and Ruger 10/22


This cartridge definitely 'lights up". At an advertised 1070 fps it is subsonic, and the bullet has a noticeable drop in elevation beyond 50 yards. The load for me is low-powered compared to other 40 gr loads and has a tendency to jam during rapid fire.

This video features distances of 25 to 75 yards in controlled conditions at AR500 steel targets. For the "true" POV segments, camera was mounted to the rifle, either on the side or top. Otherwise, the camera was tripod mounted as is the norm in my videos. Filmed in my backyard, I was the only person in the area.

You can find these tracers online for approximately $20 to $25 for a box of 50 rounds. The targets were purchased from Mike Gibson Targets, www.mgmtargets.com . This ammo is dirtier than typical target ammo but I have not noticed any harm to the stainless barrel. It gets cleaned thoroughly after each session with tracers.

The shots are timed as close as possible to the background music. I would listen to the soundtrack before recording each segment in order to maintain the beat. It doesn't hurt that I have a music background!

PLEASE NOTE: You need optimum ground and weather conditions for shooting any type of tracers; they can be highly flammable. The ground conditions for this video were excellent. You alone are responsible for your actions.

- Tennessee Outdoors Nine (tnoutddors9)

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